About us

Since 1961, Unija Nova has been striving to raise awareness of our citizens and to bring the European ways and mentality closer to them. The everyday development of our society inevitably leads to an increasing waste burden for the environment. By that fact alone, the recycling of waste is becoming an imperative for sustainable development and progress, rather than being just a trend or being about achieving a quota. Unija Nova covers the whole of Croatia and offers complete solutions for packaging waste management, from glass, PET, Al/Fe and paper to all other types of glass, in compliance with the international norms ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

We have many years of experience in waste management and we are:

Unija Nova has been taking care of nature for over 50 years and from its beginnings until today has been spreading awareness on the importance of recycling and contributing to the cleanliness of our environment. We are specialised in services of collection, transport, storage and processing of non-hazardous waste, and services of unpacking and disposal of goods unsuitable for further consumption and sale.

We offer the following services:


Unija Nova through history

Unija Nova was founded, the first company for collecting waste glass and processing broken glass. On the whole territory of the former Yugoslavia, only industrially produced glass packaging was being collected.

The first containers for separate collection of glass in public areas, intended for the citizens, were set up.

The new facility with larger capacity was constructed and adapted for pre-processing of several types of packaging waste (glass, PET, metal), as well as all types of waste glass (flat window glass, car glass, safety glass, wire glass, hospital glassware, laboratory glassware, etc.) Own specialised software was developed for more efficient monitoring of container unloading system.

Implementation of the quality control system began according to the standard ISO 9001:2008 and environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004.

The quantity of the recycled glass has quadrupled in the last five years. The collection capacities have increased five times. The number of employees has increased four times. The business activity has expanded to the collection, transport, storage, processing and recycling of other types of non-hazardous waste.

Opening of the business centre for Slavonia in Beketinci, Municipality of Čepin.

Provision of the reverse logistics services, which means collection of the complete written off goods from shopping centres for recycling.

The existing waste management capacities were expanded - to the total of 68,000 m2.

The new logistic collection centres were opened in Sesvetski Kraljevec, Beketinci, Poreč, Šibenik and Dugopolje. We organise the collection, transport and disposal of goods unsuitable for further use and sale, including goods of animal origin, bio waste and waste edible oils.

Our reliable and competent team is at your disposal for all services in handling non-hazardous waste and reverse logistics. Please contact us with confidence and we shall resolve your difficulties with non-hazardous waste, and goods and materials that are not suitable for further use.